Doom Over Leipzig Festival 2010

by Various Artists


» This is SIM-005 «

First live tape-compilation released in co-operation with Gafas del Rigor Cassettes | GDR030.
Feat. bands like BLCKWVS, Rorcal, Suma, Omega Massif, Kodiak etc.
Limited to 66 handstamped copies.
90 minutes of pure doom and rage in 2 different, fancy packages. It also includes a download code.

Side A: Zoro, 12 NOV 10
1 | Kodiak (GER) | 12:27 min
2 | Omega Massif (GER) | 06:42 min
3 | Terzij de Horde (NL) | 10:21 min
4 | Heirs (AUS) | 15:30 min

Side B: UT Connewitz, 20 NOV 10
1 | BLCKWS (GER) – 0131 BQ | min
2 | Rotor (GER) | 09:11 min
3 | An Emerald City (NZL) | min
4 | Rorcal (CH) | min
5 | Suma (SWE) | min

Sorry for no upload.
The .wav-files are to big.
For interesting in download the tape please write to:
» sickmangettingsick [AT] gmail [DOT] com




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A D.I.Y. underground record label from Leipzig, Germany.
We prefer dark, melancholic and heavy music. Our spectrum is between Black Metal, Doom, Drone, Folk & Dark Hardcore.

Important to us is to distance ourselves from all fascist and racist bullshit.

Feel free to send requests concerning help with releases. We do our best to contact everyone back — if not, we don't like it or don't have money.
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